So beautiful

Today i heard the most wonderful remix of “Heaven” by DJ Sammy … it’s totally slowed down, just piano with a touch of strings, packed with feeling and a bit of reverb … oh, i thought i liked the original, but this is just delightful!

Speaking of remixes, i got the Spice Girls single today, and it was so nice to hear a brand new mix of Wannabe. It’s a good one too, nice chord sequences, a good speed and it fits together well.

My lover is out tonight but i was given a list of things to eat, so i actually had a really nice dinner! :) I don’t know whether it’s funny or sad that i need to be told what to eat when i am home alone. Fortunately there were a lot of things left over tonight, so i had a bit of quiche and a bit of lasagne, plus some steamed carrots. Delicious! :D

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2 comments on “So beautiful

  1. I like the techno version of “Heaven”. We used to dance around to it in our gymnastics gym at practices. Our coach got fed up with us acting like goofballs after a while though, haha! Aww, such good times. I really miss it.

    Mmmm. Food. Haha. My lover is trying to turn me into a vegetarian and yeah, my body is disagreeing like woah. I need my protein, haha!

    I bought a $20 tripod for my camera today. Woo! Now I can finally start working on my film. I just need to figure out if I want to interview people and if I do want to interview people what I want to ask them. I’m pretty damn excited for this film. It’s going to be amazing. Too bad you won’t be here for the festival I’m entering it into in the spring. I so wish you could be there for my debut. Awwww. *Hugs!*

  2. It’s amazing how a song can bring back so many memories, isn’t it?

    Hahaha, some Thanksgiving you must have had if you weren’t allowed any turkey! ;) Well, being vegetarian isn’t too difficult, but you’re right about needing the protein.

    Will your film be available on youtube?

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