Off the couch!

I am now officially a ‘runner’! I just went for my first run on the Couch-to-5k programme! Found by Nye yesterday, it is a real motivator, a plan that i can realistically follow.

For a few months i have been feeling guilty about my lack of exercise, but whenever i have tried running before i get out of breath ever so quickly and feel de-motivated by it. That’s because i was doing it wrong! It is unrealistic to go straight from nothing to running. The plan gave me 5 minutes of brisk walk to warm up, followed by 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking, repeated eight times, and a 5-minute warm-down walk at the end. It was tough, very tough, but i feel absolutely great for managing it! Over the next 9 weeks i will follow the plan, 3 times a week, for 30 minutes at a time, building up gradually until i can run 3 miles (that is, 5km) at a time!

The immediate problem i foresaw was having to time the running and walking. So i went poked the Internet for something i could put on my ipod that would count for me. I figured if i didn’t find anything i’d make my own. What i found was way better than i imagined …

Robert Ullrey’s Assisted Workout and Training Mixes for your iPod

It follows the Couch-to-5k plan and puts it to some awesome house/dance music!! Just the kind of music i love!! What a motivator! I am really going to enjoy running with this to listen to! What’s more, a voice tells you when it’s time to run and when to slow down, along with little comments like, “You’re doing really great!” – “Remember to keep your arms loose!” – “It’s only 60 seconds – you can do it!”

According to Gmaps Pedometer i did 2.351 miles today! Naturally i have recorded it in a spreadsheet so that i can keep track of how i am doing! I love how GP lets me save my route as well. Technology is definitely going to help me become fit!

I missed the second run because the voice didn’t say “Go!” but i will be aware of that for next time. I plan to run on Wednesday, Saturday and Monday. It’s a bit strange to start mid-week but i was all motivated today so i thought no point in putting it off.

For the fourth run some absolutely fantastic music came on and i felt like shouting, “YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” at the top of my voice, but i didn’t. Haha! At the fifth run something odd happened to my legs – i felt as if i was floating, not running at all. Then they suddenly became really heavy. The seventh run was downhill which i thought would be easier, but it was actually harder to control my pace. At the last run i did about 15 seconds sprint and it felt amazing!! :D

I passed two other runners whilst i was out, and actually felt really good to be one of them! :) It’s also nice to think that Nye may be following the programme too, plus two colleagues at work were keen on trying it!

It is a good time of year for me to do this; not too hot, and there was a nice light drizzle tonight to cool me down. It’s also good because i shifted my working hours for GMT, back to 8-4, so i get home by 17:30. If i go out straight away i can be back by 18:00 ready to cook dinner, although tonight i am too excited and full of the need to blog all about it, hahaha!! So my partner is kindly cooking dinner :)

I think this may solve a lot of problems, such as the tension in my neck and shoulders, the sleepwalking and nightmares, the lethargy i feel during the day, the guilt at not exercising, my general health and physique … i reckon i am going to feel a whole lot better for doing this!

Thank you, Nye, thank you SO MUCH for finding this plan and blogging about it! I am incredibly extremely grateful, and thank you, Robert Ullrey, for making such a motivating mix of music to go along with it!


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