I think i had about four sleepwalks last night. Not particularly scary ones; sort of adventurous ones. I kept seeing little letters in envelopes, and when i opened them they contained a little task. Like move something from one side of the room to the other. I dread to think the state i might have left the bedroom in!

There was one where i saw a letter over my partner’s side of the bed. So i got up to fetch it and then i couldn’t find it. I got my phone because it has a light-up screen, and i was shining it around the bed, looking for this stupid letter. Arrgh. It’s so annoying. I think i might have to get some sleeping tablets or something to stop me from doing it. I have suffered from sleepwalks and nightmares my whole life, but it is particularly bad at the moment for some reason.

In other news, somebody from MyChores asked if i want to do a bit of professional programming work for their company. I turned them down. I said i don’t have enough time and i just do MyChores for fun, like a hobby. It’s a shame though, because i kind of like the idea of going self-employed and doing freelance programming work. But the process of turning that idea into reality is too big for me to contemplate at the moment.


13 comments on “Sleepwalking

  1. I just made it when I saw that my other option was an ugly icon next to my comment saying, “Get a Gravatar!” About time, anyway, it’s probably the last thing on the internet I haven’t signed up for…

  2. I’ve only ever sleep walked once:

    I got up to go to the loo in the middle of the night an,d as I got to the bedroom door to leave, I realised there was a fox(?) in the bed, so I turned on the light and saw crawling movement under the covers. I ripped the duvet off the bed — At which point I woke up and apologised profusely to Ash for having done that for no rational reason!

  3. Hmm I went through the trouble of getting a Gravatar as the ugly icon on all my comments suggests, but it doesn’t actually seem to work with OpenID… unless you can somehow edit to code to get the email address from my OpenID and link it with Gravatar somehow? If not, could you turn off Gravatar sign up icons on OpenID comments as we can’t actually sign up?

  4. Oh, that’s true – you don’t enter an email address if you do OpenID. Hmmm. I shall leave it for the moment because Gravatar has just been bought by WordPress and they have promised to allow association with URLs instead of email addresses, so maybe it will come soon.

    Unfortunately i do things like that to Kevin quite frequently. The worst ever was when i dreamed Kevin was about to fall off the top of a high building and was holding on so tight and wouldn’t let go. I feel very sorry for Kevin when i remember in the morning what i’ve done.

  5. I tried putting in your email address into your profile locally, but it still didn’t work. Maybe i’ll find a way to disable it for OpenID until the time comes when they make it work.

  6. Here’s hoping they bring in the URL support soon, or even better OpenID support!

    Oh dear, yes, well at least I woke up immediately once I saw Ash. It was a very odd experience having never sleep walked before, more like a hallucination than I’d imagine it would be. Really I was ‘awake’, eyes open but dream logic applied. In TV and films sleep walkers have their eyes closed and arms stretched out forward like a 1930’s mummy :)

  7. Oh look you’ve fixed it for new comments, just not the old ones. It’s a pity I don’t get an email notification when you reply and comments aren’t threaded — I usually forget to check for responses until days later.

  8. Oh good! Yeah, i haven’t yet found a good plugin for threaded comments, though i miss it too. Email notifications might be possible – but you’d get all replies to the entry, not just replies to yours. These are two of the biggest shortcomings of WordPress compared to LJ, i think.

    LOL, no i don’t sleepwalk with my arms out like a zombie. It looks as if i am awake when i am sleepwalking. But if i try to explain whatever it is that i think i have to do, i get very confused and incoherent.

    Don’t worry – i won’t disturb you at the weekend!! I never sleepwalk into the study/spare room!

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