Stargazing – i saw Pegasus!

It is a beautiful clear night, perfect for seeing the stars. During my run i went along the road out of town, and i saw LOADS of stars as soon as i got out of the street lights. Unfortunately it was too dark to see the pavement, so i had to turn back. But just inside the street lights you can still see a lot of stars, out of the glare of the city centre.

Anyway, when i got home i had a look from the balcony (which conveniently points due South) and to my gasp of surprise i saw the square of Pegasus! My immediate reaction was “Oh wow, so it’s true then! There really are shapes in the stars!” I ran to get the little pocket guide, and managed to trace the whole of Pegasus, up to Andromeda and, though i couldn’t see it, i knew that just above there must be the Andromeda (M31) Galaxy! Who knew astronomy could be so thrilling!

I came back to Pegasus and looked just below to find the pentagon of stars that make up the head of Pisces but i could not make out the tail. Still, now i know it’s just a short walk away to a place where i will be able to see the stars so much more clearly … and if i just get a pair of binoculars … wow … who knows what i might see! I read that the night sky can become a lifelong friend, and you feel a joy at seeing favourite constellations return year after year. I can truly believe it! :)

So this week i have discovered two new hobbies that i could grow to love: running and astronomy. Thanks to Nye for the former, and to the planet Venus for the latter! :D


ct5k – day two

I bought some running shoes today! Yes, i’m actually serious about this, lol!

I went to a proper sports shop along with a colleague from work (for moral support) and they had this treadmill and a video at my feet. I had to take off my shoes and socks, and they filmed me running! Then they slowed it down and used it to prove that i tend to roll my left foot inwards, so they found some shoes to counteract that tendency. I tried one pair but they weren’t enough support, but then i tried another pair and they were perfect! I even managed to bargain a 15% discount because i’d already told them how much i wanted to spend! :)

So naturally i had to go running again tonight to try out my new shoes! I did much better today: i didn’t die quite so much as yesterday. The dead-legs phenomenon didn’t hit until the last run, whereas it came in the 5th run yesterday. It was a completely different experience tonight. Yesterday i felt the 60-second runs were too long (“Surely that’s longer than 60 seconds!!”) but today i thought the walking periods were too long (“Isn’t it time to start running again now?!”)

I felt stiff today, but not sore. It was my inner thighs most of the day, but after my run tonight i feel the strain in my calf muscles. It’s great though because i know the exercise is having an effect! :) I also wasn’t nearly so puffed out tonight as i was last night.

I will run again on Saturday, and then i will be ready to begin Week 2 on Monday! Excellent! :D