LJ have done it again!

And it’s all kicked off again over in LJ-land, reminding me strongly of the climate in which i left LiveJournal, and making me all the more glad that i did. Now i can just sit back from a distance and watch everyone battle it all out, point out the many inconsistencies and shortfalls of this new censoring system.

I think the most telling comment i have read is this one:

I’m a mom, and as a parent I’m offended that LJ and other institutions/companies are usurping my parental rights, responsibilities, and obligations in order to “protect” children of parents whose sole purpose in life is to tell other people how to parent their children while not parenting their own.

Yup, even parents are annoyed about this! In fact, i don’t think i’ve yet found somebody who is pleased about all this. A few people say it’s a good idea in theory, but that’s as far as it goes. It’s way too open to misuse.

Well done, LJ, for your TRIUMPHANT FAIL!!!

6 comments on “LJ have done it again!

  1. Incredible, isn’t it?
    Even (generally moralistic) Americans think LJ has gone too far.

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