A whole lot of nothing much

I found a very good picture of Hockley Viaduct on that site which i shall not name because it comes from that company. I hadn’t even appreciated how long the viaduct is! This is a very good shot:

Hockley Viaduct from the air

Nat went out into town with some friends this afternoon and i was going to make vegan ginger cookies, but randomly ended up installing WordPress 2.3.1 instead, lol! Now i find i have the choice between categories and tags, which is confusing. Up until now i have been using categories as tags. I could either transfer the categories all to tags, or transfer some of them to tags, keeping the broader subjects as categories … or i could carry on as i am, which is what i’m going to do for the time being anyway! What do other WordPress bloggers do?

Nat bought us some Tick Tock Rooibos tea, which is yum yum delicious! I think i’ll have to get some of this to keep at work. I always liked Rooibos, but this surpasses all the brands i have tried before. I am drinking some right now.

It has been a nice weekend, but rather tiring. I’ll look forward to going back to work for a break, haha! The last three weekends in a row have been somewhat hectic. Hopefully we’ll get one to ourselves next weekend, probably the last one before Christmas.

3 comments on “A whole lot of nothing much

  1. Oh really?! Thanks for the information! :D

    Thank you for your text messages. I’m glad to hear you had a pleasant journey and got back safely.

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