Happy geeky goodness

I aquired an extra monitor at work today. We are writing regression scripts and you really need two monitors to be able to do it effectively. They could only spare a 15-inch monitor, but it fits just perfectly against a 19-inch if you rotate it into portrait-mode! So it has given me an extra 768 pixels on the side of my monitor, ideal for the test script spreadsheet! :D

These aren’t my monitors (though i wish we could use Macs at work!)
but somebody else with the same idea:

Dual screen monitors

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CT5K Week 2

I did my first Week 2 run today. The same amount of running and walking, but arranged differently: it was a minute and a half of running followed by 2 minutes of walking, repeated six times. Not too taxing, apart from one killer of an uphill. But i made it, and the really amazing thing is when i got to the top of the hill and i carried on running, just grateful that it was flat! It really is making a huge difference to my health and fitness! I will even say i am quite enjoying it, especially when there are so many beautiful stars to admire. I went 2.8 miles tonight.

I passed quite a few other joggers and walkers. I wonder, were there always this many, am i just noticing them because i’m out jogging too? Or maybe the CT5K craze is sweeping Winchester! :)

I have just downloaded MuggleCast again for the first time since Deathly Hallows was released. Nat told me there was an excellent episode on Dumbledore’s sexuality, so i have downloaded episode 117 which i think is the one. I’ve also noticed they’ve just started a chapter-by-chapter on Book 7 so i think i’ll start listening to them again. They are great for listening to on my journey to work, although they often make me giggle on the train!