Chanukah ceremony

Just a quick update to say i went to the candle-lighting and enjoyed it. I was really really nervous, because i’m not Jewish and i’m not a student, and i really felt out of place at first. But i met some nice people, and i enjoyed eating doughnuts and latkes and playing with the dreidels. The candles looked really pretty when we lit them. We have a little chanukkiyah to put in our window and light at home! :)

I wasn’t the only non-Jew there, and everyone was very welcoming.

Because i believe in embracing the traditions of all religions (wherever they are beneficial), here is my prayer for today:


Blessed are You,
our God, Creator of time and space,
who has supported us, protected us,
and brought us to this moment.


2 comments on “Chanukah ceremony

  1. *Hugs* I love you, big sis!

    I’m taking voice lessons so I can audition for my school musical as well as take honors mixed ensemble choir next semester. Rock! I’m a 2nd Soprano/Alto range. YAY for having a wickedly rad voice teacher who is AWESOME AS FUCK about my transition. She’s way more excited to see how my voice changes than I am once I finally get onto T (which should hopefully be soon. I’ve just been being lazy. Heh.)

  2. Hey, that’s excellent! I reckon singing must be a pretty good method of voice control. Hope it goes well, good luck to you! :)

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