Feeling much better

I am really enjoying coming home and singing the blessings and lighting the candles. It is reminding me how beautiful spirituality and ritual can be, when you simply view it as something to benefit your soul. Here is our chanukkiyah on day 3 of Chanukah:

Chanukkiyah day 3

I love how, despite the chanukkiah being so delightfully cheap and cheerful, the light of each candle is just as pure and as beautiful as any flame anywhere in the world.

I enjoyed my run again tonight. It was raining, but i got quite hot. I think i prefer the cold to the rain. As with my first week, this run was a whole lot easier. I wasn’t counting my paces, hoping for the 90 seconds to be over; i just enjoyed the feeling of running, and marvelled at how far i can travel in a minute and a half! On my third run i felt amazing – like i was barely even touching the ground, more like hovering a few centimetres above it! There were even some moments where i felt i wanted to carry on running instead of slow down to walk. I am glad i will complete Week 2 on Saturday and move on to the next challenge!

Work was good today. I really got on a roll with writing my test scripts, and i love the dual-monitor setup. I like to work with everything maximised, and use the task bar or alt-tab to bring up what i am working on. It really makes a difference to have two things maximised at a time. Writing emails, too, it’s good to write it over here whilst referring to an error message over there, for example. It’s also nice to have one with portrait orientation, because some things really do suit it better! :)

I got my rail card sorted out yesterday, so that particular panic is over. They wouldn’t refund me for the £26.90 for a day return (which is remarkable since i had just handed over £3,100). Funny the way some companies work, hey?!