Lazy Caturday

Today’s Caturday cat came from icanhascheezburger, but could just have easily have appeared on Mighty Optical Illusions – i follow both sites through Bloglines and wasn’t sure at first which site had posted it! :)

Sry i broke gravity
moar funny pictures

I’m not quite sure how they did that!

I am taking things very easily today, pottering around doing a few chores, and i made a couple of updates to MyChores. It’s nice – i have been so busy the last 3 weekends i haven’t really had time to relax. In a moment i’ll go out into town where i am meeting some friends later on. We’ll look at the Christmas market and the ice rink. Perhaps i ought to buy some Christmas presents. My brain has so far been refusing to think seriously about Christmas but i can feel it creeping up on me!

My run was nice this morning, although it was raining heavily. I just went down one straight road for a mile and a half, before turning round and running back again. It was the road that i wanted to run down last week but it was too dark. I have now completed two weeks of the Couch-to-5K programme. On Monday i can start week three which includes periods of running for 3 minutes at a time. I think i can do it. My legs are getting used to the feeling of running now; i think i might learn to really enjoy it!