CT5K Week 3

Amazingly, i am into my third week of running already! I am really getting used to it now, and thoroughly enjoying it. I think the biggest impact occurs in the first few weeks, so it is very gratifying.

This week’s program:

5 minutes brisk walk to warm up.
90 seconds run.
90 seconds walk.
3 minutes run.
3 minutes walk.
90 seconds run.
90 seconds walk.
3 minutes run.
5 minutes gentle warm-down walk.

It seemed to go by much faster because it felt like just two repetitions rather than six or eight. Before i knew it i was half-way through the programme! Unfortunately i took a “short-cut” through an alleyway, and ended up getting completely lost! I went around in a circle, ending up on a different road, which i have no idea how it happened since i didn’t go over a cross-road. No doubt it will all become clear to me when i trace my route on Gmaps Pedometer.

So far i have done exactly the same amount of running and walking, just arranged differently. Two weeks ago i struggled to run for 60 seconds; now i can run fairly comfortably for 3 minutes. My partner said, “Oh, 3 minutes, that’s nothing!” but believe me, when you haven’t done any proper exercise since leaving school 11 years ago, it’s not easy! But i am getting better, that’s for sure! :)


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