I did not write any Christmas cards at all last night because i was distracted by wanting to set up a microphone so i could use Skype! Oh my gosh, it wasn’t easy to get it working under Debian! There are so many combinations of input settings, drivers, hacks … but eventually i got something to work, and was well rewarded for my efforts with a lovely chat with a good friend of mine in Miami! :D

If anybody would like to talk with me for free on Skype look me up – my username is sermoa. I realised the thing i dislike about instant messaging is that people can just start up a conversation with no warning. At least with Skype you get a ringing sound and you have a choice whether or not to answer it.

I think i will be making good use of Skype in the future – it’s such a genius idea! I am in awe of how it works so quickly, even when last night 7 million people were using it all at once!! How does it do that?! Incredible! :)

I am also very excited about getting the microphone working because i want to make some video demos of MyChores! :D


4 comments on “Skype

  1. I think I recently got rid of the microphone I’d had for several years but never used. Skype is probably one of the last internet things I don’t have an account for. So if I ever get it, I’ll call you!

  2. That would be great! It would be lovely to talk to you. I’m thinking of sending out a newsletter to MyChores people saying, call me if you have a suggestion, we can chat it over! :)

    It’s so nice to think i can call people on the other side of the world! Skype is awesome :) :)

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