Everyone's an amateur astronomer!

Astronomy is suddenly cool, it seems! This morning one colleague came in and said, “I saw Mars last night!” Another said, “I saw Mars this morning, and possibly Venus too!” I said, “I think i might have seen Mercury this morning!” and another colleague sent us all an email alerting us to the Geminids meteor shower coming up this Friday! :D Yet another colleague was explaining to some others how you can find Mars very easily because Orion is pointing directly to it at the moment. The first colleague said, “I looked for the Plough but couldn’t find it” and i was all like, “Ahhh, the Plough comes up about 10 or 11 o’clock at the moment!” GET ME!! A few weeks ago i wouldn’t have been able to point out the Plough if i was staring directly at it!!

This is very exciting!! I am with my cousins on Friday evening when the best of the meteor shower will occur. I so hope to be able to take them out into the garden after the piano lesson and introduce them to the delights of cosmology and star-gazing! :) These days i can’t help but notice constellations and planets. I was just out for my run and Mars just kept catching my eye all the time! It is a very good time of year with these dark, clear nights.

My run was a bit slippery, though. I had to be careful. It is definitely getting easier – i am noticing a pattern: Monday night is hard because it’s a new programme. Mid-week is way easier than Monday by comparison. Saturday is hard, i think simply because i go early in the morning and i’m not properly awake yet. I do like to do it that way, though. If i left it until later in the day i’d probably be putting it off and feel bad about it. The hardest thing is actually to get the shoes on and get out there. As soon as i’m in to it, i’ve got the music playing, and i just know i’m going to do this for the next half an hour and come home again. It’s easy. I’m start to feel a bit like a robot: i run when i’m told to and i walk when i’m told to. I generally end up doing 2.5 to 3 miles. No big deal, but i love the feeling of getting fit and healthy! :)