Shooting stars!

I saw a shooting star! :D

I persuaded my partner to come out with me; we went to a field nearby where it was much darker and we could see the Milky Way! I pointed out Mars, Orion, Pegasus, Triangulum, Andromeda, the Plough and the North Star. That’s about as much as i know at the moment. We saw a very bright star, it seemed to be pulsating and flashing hues of red, green and blue. At first i thought it must be an aeroplane, but it stayed perfectly still, and on consulting maps since we got home it was almost certainly Vega. A very bright star, quite nearby, spinning fast, circled with dust and possibly one or more planets! :D

I am hoping to go out tomorrow evening and watch the very best of the Geminids meteor shower, but i wanted to go out tonight whilst it is so clear, in case it is cloudy tomorrow. I just turned back towards the Plough to get my bearings when i saw it – a meteor shoot straight across, really fast and really small, but no mistaking what it was. Unfortunately it was too quickly gone for my partner to see it too, but i feel really pleased that i saw it! :)

Everyone in Europe must seriously look for shooting stars tomorrow evening at 17:45 GMT. There’s going to be like an average of one a minute. You’re bound to see some if the sky is clear enough!

Is it a crime

Am i terrible for REALLY liking Kate Nash’s music? I just love all these down-to-earth real-life kind of lyrics, and yeah i even appreciate Kate’s accent, even though it reminds me of Catherine Tate doing Lauren! But it seems nobody else i know is as nearly as big a fan of Kate as i am.

Here is my very favourite Kate Nash song of the moment: We get on.

And my friends were like “Whatever,
you’ll find someone better,
his eyes are way too close together
and we never even liked him from the start.
And now he’s with that tart,
I heard she’d done some really nasty stuff
down in the park with Michael.
He said she’s easy
and if your guy’s with someone who’s sleazy
then he ain’t worth your time
cause you deserve a real nice guy”

It’s the music, the funny lyrics, the catchy beats and tune, and the lower-class London accent … put it all together, and it really makes me smile! :)

I don’t ever dream about you and me
I don’t ever make up stuff about us
that would be classed as insanity
I don’t ever drive by your house to see if you’re in
I don’t even have an opinion on that tramp
that you are still seeing
I don’t know your timetable
I don’t know your face off by heart

Is there anyone out there who agrees with me that this stuff is genius?! I sort of know that it’s not … and yet for some reason i think it is!

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