Still running

I am now into Week 4 of Couch-to-5K and it was the hardest challenge yet. Every run up until now has only included 8 minutes of running, the rest walking. The runs have been spaced out differently to build up my stamina. Today the amount of running doubled and the walking greatly reduced. By the time i had done 8 minutes i was only half-way through my run – but it felt great! I knew i had a lot to do so i paced myself slowly. The podcast helpfully played more chilled out music for me. But towards the end it rocked out again, and encouraged me to do an extra push for the last minute!

This week’s schedule is:

5 minutes warm-up walk
3 minutes running.
1½ minutes walking.
5 minutes running.
2½ minutes walking.
3 minutes running.
1½ minutes walking.
5 minutes running.
5 minutes warm-down walk.

I definitely feel a huge improvement in my fitness level. There is absolutely no way i could have done what i did tonight four weeks ago. I went quite a long way too: just over 3 miles in total. My goal is to get to run three miles non-stop, in addition to the warm-up and warm-down 5-minute walks.

A few times i have passed another runner who seems to run about the same time and place as i do. Today we passed each other twice, and smiled each time! It was nice. We may have different reasons for running, but there is a sort of connection all the same.

I had a really nice weekend away with my family – it was my dad’s 50th birthday party! Really lovely to see a lot of people especially my dear siblings.

Unfortunately Friday night was really cloudy so we missed all the good meteors. It was kinda frustrating knowing they were zooming across our heads and we couldn’t see any of them.


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