I feel like Pot Noodle tonight

My beloved is away in Germany until Friday and we actually won’t see each other again until we meet in Kent on Saturday. I promise i will eat some vegetables tomorrow, but to be honest, today i had a good meal at lunchtime (it was our department Christmas lunch) and so i’m afraid i copped out tonight and got a Pot Noodle. I notice they have lost their “Approved by the Vegetarian Society” status … i wonder how that happened? But it still says suitable for vegetarians so that’s good enough for me.

I have a boat load of chores to do tonight and yet more Christmas/Solstice cards to write, so i’ll make this quick … in fact i can’t even remember the reason i wanted to write anything at all …!

I just spoke to my dear Felix on the Skype, which was fantastic and hurrahful! :D It’s such a good way of knowing when people are available to talk and not have to worry about disturbing them at a bad time … they always have the option to ignore the call if it’s inconvenient. I love Skype … don’t know why i didn’t set it up sooner!

Anything else? No. It must be chores o’clock. Go go go!!!


2 comments on “I feel like Pot Noodle tonight

  1. Yeah, they do crazy advertisements too. I think they have a semi-cult-like following! ;)

    It might be like cup noodles, but you know you don’t need a cup! You just pour in boiling water, stir, and eat straight out of the pot!

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