Home Alone 2

Don’t you hate it when you get to the end of an evening and you think, “What did i actually do tonight?”. And then you think of everything. And then you go, “Yes, but what else?!”. And then the only feasible next action is to waste a bit more time blogging about it!!

I don’t seem to cope well on my own. I was alright last night because i occupied myself with lots of chores and writing Christmas cards. But tonight i have gone all non-linear and don’t seem to be able to get around to doing anything much.

Well, there are some good things about tonight: i went for my run, i cooked a good meal, i folded the laundry and put some more on. I should certainly give myself a Well Done award for those, and maybe i can finish the day up well by getting to bed at a sensible time instead of hurriedly trying to achieve things to make me feel better.


My slightly OCD tendencies seem to become more apparent when i am running. Once upon a time i invented an idea that going upstairs i had to start with my right foot, and going down i had to start with my left. Then it started to apply to kerbs of pavements too. Which is fine when i am walking, but when running i find myself altering my pace of running just so that i can land on the pavement with my right foot.

Another thing: if one foot slightly kicks against the other by accident i always feel the need to do the same thing back again. So if my right foot brushes against the ankle bone of my left foot, my left foot will have to do the same back to the ankle bone of my right foot, in the same kind of motion with the same amount of pressure. Again, when walking this normally causes no problems but when running this compulsion could become quite dangerous!!

Anyway, OCD aside, it was another good run tonight. I am always amazed at how much easier Wednesday is compared to Monday. I guess there’s a psychological element: i know i have done it before so i can do it again. The same applies to hills: “Ah, i’ve run up this hill before! I can do it again!”

There is a sort of runners subculture in Winchester – so many runners out and about, and i am starting to recognise people! We give a sort of encouraging smile and tiny little wave when we pass each other! :)

I am using Gmap Pedometer to find myself a good route to run in Platts Heath, Kent next week. It’s harder than i thought it would be. There are lots of long roads around huge fields and it’s actually quite difficult to find a route of 3-3½ miles which is what i want!

I made myself a very good dinner tonight: a spicy beanburger along with half a cabbage, an avacado and a tomato. In some crazy parallel universe it made sense to cook two beanburgers but then i slipped through the 5th dimension into the universe i am currently in, where it seems utter nonsense with all the rest of the food i ate, but maybe i can take it to work for lunch tomorrow. Can cooked spicy beanburgers be re-heated in a microwave? Would that do them any harm?

I have to write about the food i ate in case my partner comes and reads this to find out whether i fed myself properly tonight!