Happy holidays

I hope everybody had a good Christmas break. I had just about the best Christmas ever. My partner’s parents came to Kent – specifically to Platts Heath, the tiny hamlet where my mum lives. It was so nice to be staying just around the corner from my mum, and our families got on very well indeed.

Here is a picture of the view from the cottage window this morning – just before the fog had lifted:

The Weald of Kent

We ended up celebrating our Christmas on the 24th. We had drinks up at my mum’s and met a lot of friends and neighbours. We had a great little international corner going on – German, Italian and French people all chatting together! :) Later on my mum came down plus my two brothers and we had a lovely cosy evening at the cottage. We cooked food and served it buffet-style … only it didn’t really all fit on to the table so it overflowed on to chairs and the floor! Heheh! Everyone found it quite amusing to eat Christmas dinner off the floor! :D Towards the end of the evening it seemed appropriate to open our Christmas presents. The custom in Germany is to open presents on Christmas Eve anyway, so it worked very well. It was nice because it was so free and easy. Usually you have all this faff with going to church and having the Christmas dinner and everything. We just sort of skipped all that and did it differently! :)

I was delighted that our two families got on so well. My partner’s parents met my dad’s side of the family last year, but hadn’t met my mum and family yet. But we had a really lovely time and i went to bed feeling absolutely full of love and happiness to feel our families merging together.

Yesterday my mum took me to see my nanna who has Alzheimers. It is sad that we have not seen each other for so long. Nanna has deteriorated so badly that it is hard to recognise people or string together any words into a meaningful sentence. But we did get some lucid moments where Nanna’s eyes opened and looked deep into ours, and we heard some words like “It’s lovely that …” and “That would be marvellous!” and a really heart-felt “I love you” to my mum. I believe that Nanna is happy. We were about to go and Nanna started crying and pulling us back. So sad. It affected me much more than i could have imagined it would. I went back again today and got some photographs. Here is a lovely one of the two of us together:


Another busy day tomorrow – with my dad’s side of the family this time. They’ll be staying the night and then we have a friend coming on Saturday! Still not decided what to do for new year though …