And … relax!

Wow, finally a day to unwind. Don’t get me wrong – the Christmas period has been lovely – but very busy! Lots of ‘face time’, which is good, i have enjoyed seeing friends and family, but i also enjoy a day to myself.

I think i have decided to do nothing at all for new years eve. I’m too tired and i don’t really see the point. It’s just a number, arbitrarily decided. I’m more inclined to celebrate the solstice because it has geological and astronomical meaning. I think i might just go to bed as usual tomorrow evening. As for new years resolutions, i have made one easy one: to carry on being myself. I am really happy with my life as it is at the moment, and i want to continue in the same way: getting fitter by running, developing my spiritual awareness, learning more about science, stars and planets, making MyChores better … it’s all good! :)

We had our friend goodarcher to visit yesterday. Had a lovely time together, i cooked a nice apple pie, and we had a good meal in the evening. We tried to install Second Life on my computer but it won’t work because i don’t have a super-splendid graphics card. Probably a good thing: i don’t want to become addicted to Second Life!

We went out into town to see Library 2.0 which continues to impress me! They have this amazing self-service check-out for books! You scan your card, place as many books as you like on the table, and somehow it recognises what they all are! It checks them out to your account and prints a receipt! MARVELLOUS! :D There is also a lovely exhibition on about the history of the library and how they built the discovery centre. Oh, and there is a special room for railway geeks! It’s so sweet, with chairs and a table, and surrounded by books about trains. I am actually quite interested in trains and railway lines, but when i went in the room there were three or four hardcore train geeks and it was instantly clear that i am way out of their league!! I covered my face in shame and walked out again!

It’s also a good time of year for bargains: we got a steamer for £12.50. Hurrah! I have wanted one for ages! We have already done broccoli, Brussels sprouts and a Christmas pudding in it with great success! It’s so easy! :) It’s nice after Christmas is over to get a little gift for ourselves! ;)


2 comments on “And … relax!

  1. You scan your card, place as many books as you like on the table, and somehow it recognises what they all are!

    It’s reading the RFID tags in the books isn’t it? Either that or it’s little library gnomes, but I’ve already said too much…

  2. Oh, is that how it works? I was very impressed, even when one book is completely covered up by another, it still knows what is there. It’s very quick about it too. I am going to use the library more often just for the self-service checkout! :D

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