Rubik's Cubes at Christmas

There is a clear trend of people searching for Rubik’s cubes around Christmas time!

I hope i can find a new Rubik’s cube in town when i go out for lunch (i am at work today). I solved a few on the online applet last night and i am quite confident i could learn to solve any 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube. I may not be very fast, but there are about 7 or 8 patterns to learn (and apply them in the right order!) that should always work. I like the idea of going into somebody’s house, seeing a messed up Rubik’s cube and be able to put it right for them!

Just another entropy-decreasing service i can offer! ;)

By sermoa Posted in geeky

3 comments on “Rubik's Cubes at Christmas

  1. I think you should mend the one you have instead of buying a new one. Why would you want to have two, just to give one away again on Freecycle? x

  2. Well it is properly broken, not just fallen apart. One of the pieces broke that is not supposed to detach. We will try superglue, but i would always be cautious that it would just break again.

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