In just 2 days my Linux video has had more hits on youtube than my ‘other’ video has had in over a year!

My other video is of Winchester firework display 2006, taken on my mobile phone. Nowhere near as exciting as Linux! :)

PS. look at the front cover of Linux Format for February (click to enlarge)

Linux Format magazine

“Wean your friends off the Microsoft addiction” – i love that!

The debate raged on at work today about when open source software is more reliable, and whether people deserve to be paid for writing good quality software. The thing is, there is only one person at work who is pro-Microsoft. The rest use open source where they can, and only use Windows because they feel they have to. I am trying to change that opinion, one person at a time. There are quite a few at work who have expressed an interest in trying Linux after watching my video! :)

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Continuing the Windows vs Linux debate

Pro-Microsoft colleague: My computer’s crashed!
Me: So has mine.
Pro-Microsoft colleague: How come?!
Me: Because it’s Windows.

What more needs to be said?!

I found some wonderful Windows errors. Haha! My favourite is “An error occured while displaying the previous error”. Heheh! :)

I am on teh intarwebs!!

I made a video of the Linux software i use, in response to a colleague who claimed that Linux is difficult to use. I prove that i have everything i need – and more – it’s easy to use, and i haven’t had to pay a penny for any of it!

The video also shows some of the visual effects that i can get with my gorgeous new graphics card!!

If you want to help spread Linux and fly the flag for free software, please use this link:

or this embed:

[Update] my colleague watched it and said it was a “good video”. I am waiting for a video response because my colleague is still very much a Microsoft supporter!

Having fun in Second Life

Oh my gosh, i never realised how much fun — and how addictive — Second Life could be! There is so much you can do there.

I have been lucky to fall in with a lovely crowd of bisexual people, and i am getting on very well with everybody. I am interested in the whole building and scripting process – you can earn money for that. Not just Second Life money, either. If you manage to think of something that a lot of people want to buy, you can make absolutely stacks of money and convert it out into real money! Some people make Second Life a full-time job! I bet i could pick up the scripting quite easily if i wanted to!

But hey, in the meantime i am enjoying meeting people and making friends :D

Success all round!

I got my computer fixed last night! My wonderfully helpful work colleague came over to help me get it all wired up back together in the new case. It was absolutely the power supply that was broken. We plugged it into the new case and it just worked straight away. Hooray! The new PSU is way quieter as well, which is an added bonus. Here is the new equipment:

New computer case

We also installed the graphics card and got it working with minimum of fuss, meaning that i was able to go on Second Life last night for the first time ever! Haha that was a fun experience! :)

New graphics card

I should also be able to install Beryl for all sorts of wonderful desktop effects like this!

I also treated myself to a new mobile phone today. It was kind of a whim, but i am really pleased with it. It has a camera, video camera, radio and plays mp3s. It came with a 1GB micro-SD card with an adapter to SD. I also got 800 free text messages for the next four months which means i won’t need to top up until at least June!

Nokia 5200

Beautiful! :D

Plus things are going great at work! I have spent two days coding and loved it! I’m unfortunately not going on the C# course until March, but i have made a start anyway, just picking up what i can. It is the first time in ages that i have been truly enjoying my job!

Sooo … good news all round! I am so happy to have my computer back! :)

A powerful message

The quote from today is one among my very favourite excerpts from all of Neale Donald Walsch’s books:

Now here is what I know will bring you joy. Decide that the rest of your life — every day, every moment, every word — is something that you will share with everyone whose life you touch in a way that ensures that they will know there is nothing they have to do, nowhere they have to go, and no way they have to be, in order to be loved by you right now. Let them know that they are perfect just as they are, just as they are standing there.

Tomorrow’s God
Neale Donald Walsch
Page 383

That is such an incredible idea. Unfortunately, it is far easier to copy and paste it here than it is to put into practice, but i will make an effort to do just that today.

Sport Relief

Aha! I have a solution to what to do next after CT5K: Nye has reminded me that we want to run 3 miles for Sport Relief on Sunday 16th March! Hooray!

This is a very good incentive for me to keep up with the running, however, i don’t think i really need to run 3 miles 3 times a week. I will probably end up doing something more like 2 miles twice a week and 4 or 5 miles on Saturdays. That’s likely to be very good for me.

Nye has kindly signed me up: we’re going to run together in London. However, i’ve not had my email from Sport Relief yet so i don’t know whether i have a nice page to accept sponsorships. When i do i’ll be sure to let you all know so that you can donate loads of money to encourage me and to raise money for very good causes!!

Computer will please work soon

Dear computer:

Today i got a new case and power supply. When i plug you into this new spacious case and wonderful new power supply tomorrow evening, will you please just work straight away? That will be lovely. As a reward you will get a shiny new graphics card!


I can’t wait to get back on my nice proper computer, that goes fast, and doesn’t drop network connections, and has all my files on it, and has a sound card, and Skype. It has been a frustrating week on the old laptop.

CT5K – what next?

The time has come when i must decide what, if anything, i am going to do after Couch-to-5K.

To be quite honest, i am now bored of running around Winchester. I did 30 minutes tonight and it wasn’t particularly difficult; it was just dull. The question now is not whether i can do it – it’s whether i can be bothered to keep doing it!

One thing is for sure: i’m not going to keep increasing distances. There’s only so far i can go round here before i run out of street lights or have to cross a dangerously busy road. Keeping to the same old roads has become monotonous. I might try with a shorter distance and aim to increase my speed. I might also go for a long run on Saturdays – like 6 miles or something, going right out into the country with some nice music on my ipod, or a MuggleCast, or something like that. I’d probably enjoy that.

There is absolutely no doubt the running has done me a tremendous amount of good! I feel very much fitter, my muscles have toned up just beautifully, my sleepwalking has been cured (as far as i know!) and i have had very few nightmares since beginning the programme.

Any thoughts what i should do next? I really need a plan otherwise i am just going to end up doing nothing!!

*sniff sniff* Mmmm i can smell something delicious! I wonder what my sweetheart is making for dinner! :D

Yamaha NP30

My friend Becky has got me somewhat obsessed by this:

Yamaha NP30
Yamaha NP30

It is the most portable keyboard ever made, weighing only 12.7kg, it has 76 keys (six octaves) 10 multiple-sampled voices, graded touch, and best of all … it only costs £160!

By the sounds of this this demo it plays like a dream, but i must try it out first. We have found a place in Basingstoke that stocks it, so we’ll hopefully go for an afternoon next weekend … i can’t wait to get my fingers on this!!

I am currently learning to play Golliwogg’s Cakewalk by Debussy for a concert in a couple of weeks. It is good to have my keyboard out again, and i’m delighted to find that my fingers still work! But the keyboard i have at the moment is so bulky and heavy, such a faff to set up … i’d happily part-exchange it for something as gorgeous and as portable as this! :)

[Update] i just found the demo video on youtube, here it is: