Calling MyChores fans!

I have added MyChores to – a site for promoting other websites especially new ones. I know MyChores is not that new anymore, but it is still relatively unknown so i think this is a good idea.

Here’s the link – please go vote!

You will need to sign in or sign up – which is easy – you just need a name, email address and password.

In other news, oh yes, we have a new year number! Marvellous! If i’m honest, i found “New Year” a bit nonsensical this year, now that i think about how arbitrary it is. Really any day could be considered a new year. The earth has come back to the same spot as it was a year ago, illustrated rather nicely by today’s Sinfest strip, and now we all have to remember to write “2008” whenever we write the date.

Still, i am glad that the days are getting longer, and i can enjoy the run-up to my favourite season – Spring!! :)


3 comments on “Calling MyChores fans!

  1. So I’ve decided that I’m going to pledge Delta Lambda Phi (Beta Eta chapter) if I get into CU-Boulder. It’s a frat for gay, bisexual, and progressive men. Exciting, no?

  2. Hi Liam, i saw something about that Delta Lambda Phi somewhere yesterday – must have been your profile or something. I wondered what it meant. I will look into it! :)

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