Haha that's clever!

It’s a code that can be decoded by some mobile phones.

Generate your own here: mobilecodes.nokia.com/create.jsp


6 comments on “Haha that's clever!

  1. I have one of those mobile phones and the 2D barcode scanner is completely useless. I just held the camera up to your image until my arm hurt and all it kept doing was auto focusing, having a brilliantly clear image between the red lines but still claiming not to have a lock. Useless.

  2. Oh, rubbish. Maybe it works better if it’s printed out bigger and stuck on a poster?!

    Sorry to make your arm hurt :( :(

  3. Wow, that is really cool!
    (and only a little bit weird…)

    NExt time I upgrade phones, I’ll get one that can read it.
    (N95 with built-in GPS is a strong contender)

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