Journeying through the 11th dimension

Here is an email i just sent to my mum. I have just caught a glimpse of something so exciting! It’s wacky and crazy, about parallel universes and how we move through them, but i think it actually makes sense! Unless it doesn’t. Which entirely depends on which universe you are about to experience yourself in …!!!

In some parallel universes you are about to click the “Read more” link! Are you going to move into one of them?!

Subject: I get it!!
From: aimee
To: Mum

Hi Mum,

I am reading “Home with God” and i just understood something! It suddenly all became so clear to me! I found out the secrect *behind* The Secret! The reason why everything you ask for is given to you! That there are three levels of creation: thought, word and deed (or subconscience, conscience and superconscience) and why if all three are in agreement then nothing unexpected happens to you – everything you create is perfect. Anyone who has attained mastery finds that nothing unexpected ever happens.

Just as with quantum physics, this hinges upon the 11th dimension: multiple parallel universes. I have often wondered: if every decision that anyone could make causes another new parallel universe to branch off, what determines the version of the universe that i currently experience myself in? It all comes down to one thing: expectation. If at all three levels of my being i expect a particular thing to happen, that determines my movement through the 11th dimension, just as easily as i can move forwards, sideways or upwards through the three spatial dimensions!

Here’s a picture that has been in my head for a while: imagine a chain email which is a story. You begin the story “Once upon a time …” and send it to all your friends. They have to add one line to the story and send it to all their friends. Clearly there are quickly going to be many very different versions of the story. But there could also be two stories that are exactly the same until right at the end where some little detail changes. Yet there ultimately is only really one email with many different versions, all of which exist simultaneously.

The same is true of my life, which has many versions existing simultaneously in infinite parallel universes. An infinite number of things could be – no – ARE – about to happen, in an infinite number of new universes! It is up to me to choose which universe i shall find myself in next, and i do that by means of the three levels of creation.

A simple example: since reading The Secret, i decided that the Universe would always provide a seat for me on the train. Every day. Even on busy days i know there will be a seat, and i am never surprised that there is. Because all three levels of my being expect it! Every day there are some universes where the train is full, some where it is almost empty, and some where there is just one seat left for me. It is completely up to me which universe i enter at any given moment!!!

Another example: on Tuesday morning i overslept. I didn’t consciously decide to oversleep, but i must have done subconsciously (because i needed the extra sleep) or even superconsciously (by tricking myself into believing that it was Saturday)! When i woke up i didn’t feel bad about oversleeping because i understand that everything happens for a reason. I bless my creation because i know that at some level i must have chosen it. I simply re-arranged my day and everything was fine.

Does this make any sense to you???!!

Are expectation and creation really one and the same thing?!

What do you think?

With lots of love,
Aimee xxx

Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends by Neale Donald Walsch
Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Parallel universes and M-Theory – here’s a useful video to help explain.


3 comments on “Journeying through the 11th dimension

  1. I really love parallel universe stories so I’ve also done a lot of thinking on the mechanics.

    While there are universes where the train is almost empty — maybe because of a terrible outbreak of bird flu a month ago caused many businesses to make their staff work from home, maybe because the terrible recession caused by the suitcase bomb in Los Angeles last year has pushed up ticket prices to the point where train travel is not economical for anyone but the super rich — however these universes do not exist because of choices that you personally made so you shouldn’t be able to enter them by a choice today. What you can influence by your choices is when you leave the house, whether you bump into someone in the street thus slowing yourself down, whether you notice or don’t notice your friend in the street thus bringing your schedule ahead or behind, whether you stand where the train door stops or whether you’re equidistant between doors — all this can influence whether your place in the queue for the train door means you get on to the train at the right time to get the one empty seat.

    If you could choose a universe where the train is almost empty, you could also choose a universe where we all have six arms, where the green traffic light means stop or where you live in communist britain.

    And while an infinite amount of things are happening across all the possible universes, the number of things that can happen in our particular universe are limited by the physical rules of our universe and the choices that have already been made to get to this point. There is only a limited set of possible universes you can set into. Just like how you can’t change the start of the story when you reply to the chain email (without breaking the rules).

    Let me know if you don’t want to discuss parallel universe theory, don’t want to trample on something that’s spiritual for you.

  2. Ahhhh … those are excellent points and make perfect sense! I do believe i cannot change the past, and although i can only influence other people’s decisions it is only to a limited extent.

    However, i’m sure i could affect the course of my own path through the multiverse with a lot more consciousness/awareness than i currently do.

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I love parallel universe speculations too! :D

  3. I like your post!!!! I am actually discovering what you already know, though i have a question for you, how do you manage to control the 3 parts of you???I've found that meditation could be a tool for that, though i do no see it clearly. cpuld you please tell me how to focus my (subconscience, conscience and superconscience) in order to expect the exact same thing that i would like??Looking forward to get and answer!!best regards!!!

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