Fit, healthy and happy

I feel like a Life Review is in order. But i’ll keep it short. [Edit] no i didn’t! It’s kinda long!

Couch-to-5K is absolutely the best thing that has happened for me in a long time. I have made a consistent effort to get out and exercise for 30 minutes, 3 times a week, and it is doing me the world of good! I am sleeping better than before, fewer nightmares, fewer sleepwalks, i am even having some pleasant dreams! I feel i have more energy, my muscles are feeling wonderfully toned, particularly my calves and tummy muscles.

Spiritually i am doing great! Since accepting that i am agnostic i feel totally at ease. I am under no pressure to believe or disbelieve anything. I find religion and spirituality utterly fascinating, as well as science, cosmology, hyperspace, parallel universes. I am beginning to see how they can all be linked and it’s just fantastic! However, i miss the sense of community at not being part of a faith group. I don’t feel i can go to church regularly because it feels too limited. I don’t accept any faith over any other faith. It seems to me that, just as white light is the combination of all colours, true spirituality is a combination of every faith. They all have something to offer and none is any better than any other. I am hoping there might be a group in Winchester for spiritual seekers, or that i might be able to start one.

Work is good. As a company we are doing well, generating profit, pleasing our customers … and i feel the company has a good plan of where it’s going next! Personally i am looking forward to beginning a bit of coding. It looks as if i might be able to go on the C#/.NET course in 2 weeks. I am really excited about the prospects!

MyChores appears to be spreading faster. Right now we have 676 members, 283 of which are in America where it is taking off big-time! I don’t know where all these inbound links are coming from; Google Analytics says that the most common routes in are direct rather than being linked from any other site. This seems to imply that it is spreading by word of mouth. I searched the internet to see where we are getting talked about and found one person saying (about another site): “If you’d offer print-out of specific views like …” – i feel really happy that people are talking about MyChores and comparing other sites to it!

One area of my life which i’d like to improve is my social life. I believe the problem is i don’t have enough friends locally – that is – in Winchester. I’d like to make some friends that i can see regularly, meet up with easily. This could be a spiritual group, like i mentioned, or maybe another evening course, perhaps in astronomy … or a music group, or just a social meetup. My partner and i have also decided that we really must go out to some pubs in Winchester now that they are all smoke-free! :)

Financially i suppose we are doing alright. It’s always a small struggle whilst my partner is doing the masters degree … but that is coming to an end soon and with any luck both of us will be earning before long. Just tonight i opened up a wedding savings account and put £50 in. I got it unexpectedly as a refund from last year’s £3000 train season ticket! So i can now say i have begun saving for our wedding! Now if only we can agree on what kind of wedding we want, and where, and who to invite … maybe we can think realistically about getting married this year! Now that all our parents have met (I say all because i have two sets of parents!) i feel the time is right that we should make it official!

And then we can start thinking about buying a house … and having children … and oh my gosh … one of these days i’m actually going to become an adult!!!

Crikey, this was a big post!! Just look at all the tags, lol! ;)


2 comments on “Fit, healthy and happy

  1. I know, i don’t really want to … but i guess i’m going to have to do it at some point! Thank you for reading. xx

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