Me again, sorry!

I am suddenly feeling very inspired about my spirituality, and the idea of finding (or forming) a spiritual seekers group in Winchester.

I think i will venture out to the new-age café and ask whether there is any such thing in Winchester already, or how i would go about meeting with like-minded people. I am agnostic and open-minded: i am very interested in all things spiritual. My question for today is: What benefits my soul? I am going to go out and look for something to benefit my soul. I have an excited feeling i might meet someone very interesting today!

But first i need to benefit my body: it is lunch time!! ;)


Such a cute Sinfest strip today:

Let’s blow ourselves up for an alien to marvel at!

Today i am mostly doing chores, getting ready for a day off tomorrow. We’ll be going to London for lunch with a friend, and then to a workshop about Jewish people and their non-Jewish partners.

Last night i was investigating the Universal Life Church. It is a church that was started by Rev Kirby Hensley in 1959 after becoming disappointed with the Pentecostal church. The difference with this church is it accepts absolutely anybody: of any faith or of no faith. All are welcome! Another cool thing: anyone is welcome to become ordained as a minister in the Universal Life Church, simply by asking to be.

I think i might just do that! Okay, it’s treated as a joke by many people, but some people take their ministry very seriously. For me, it is just the kind of church that reflects my beliefs: everyone is special, every faith has something great to offer. No particular way is any better than any other way.

Last night just before going to sleep i decided i wanted to read the penultimate chapter of “Tomorrow’s God” by Neale Donald Walsch. I did so, and enjoyed it, and had a nice meditation afterwards. I also found a little slip of paper on which i wrote my first two fundamental beliefs which i found within myself a year or two ago. These were not taught to me by anybody … i do not claim they are The Truth, but they are My Truth, found by going within and asking my Soul what i truly believe:

1. I believe that religions are tools … useful ways of finding and connecting to The All In All.

2. I believe that no religion has everything right, except perhaps for one which acknowledges that all religions have something precious to offer.

That one religion that acknowledges all others is the Universal Life Church! I didn’t know it then, but i know it now! It seems perfect for me. I can’t think of any good reason not to become a minister in the ULC so i think i will do it! :)

Update: I realise that Unitarian Universalism is also an all-encompassing organisation. I’d be happy to be considered a member of that too! :)