28-minute run

I am on Week 8 of Couch-to-5K. Tonight’s run was 28 minutes … not a great challenge really, though i know i wouldn’t have wanted to do it a few weeks ago! At the end of the run i did a SUPER-fast sprint! I was on a slight downhill, and my legs and arms just started working entirely of their own accord, disconnected from my brain! I ran faster than i have ever ran in my entire life, just for 10 seconds or so. It felt very incredibly amazing! I was like a well-oiled machine, working in perfect synchronisation! My legs suddenly felt really extremely long … i must have actually been approaching the speed of light and my perspective became distorted!!

I am wondering what to do at the end of next week when ct5k is over. I think i need a new challenge otherwise i will just return straight back to the couch! I am considering fartleks (yeah, haha, i said the funny word!) … they look like they can be quite fun, and tonight’s sprint experience has really encouraged me that i could enjoy it!

Computer woes

My precious computer (that i built myself) stopped working yesterday. It was fine in the morning, but when we came home in the evening it just wouldn’t turn on. Boohoo. We had a few power blips the previous night so i wonder if there was another one that blew the power supply. Tonight i have taken it all apart, cleaned it up, plugged it all back together again … still no luck. I guess i’m going to have to buy a new power supply unit.

I am currently on the ‘spare’ laptop … on Windows 2000. I think i’ll probably have to fix it up with a dual boot when my partner’s not looking! ;)

It is a shame not to have my computer, because i had done a lot of work on MyChores and i hope i don’t lose it. Hopefully i can get it back up and running again very soon.

Today i was looking around for an alternative source of music to listen to when at work, with Pandora being switched off for the UK tomorrow (i will miss it a lot). I discovered imeem.com which is kind of like youtube for audio. You can find particular music, or you can listen to someone else’s playlists (Can i say Mixtape 3.0 ??) or you can even search a genre and play a completely random selection of music. Which is nice.

Anyway, one thing (i can’t quite remember what) led to another … and before i knew it i was listening to Wizard Rock! I’ve heard of this genre but never listened to any of it before. It was actually quite nice … i like the obviously-home-made element of it, and the fact that it is all entirely inspired by Harry Potter! I listened to some tracks that took me right back to books 1 and 2 … it was quite an emotional discovery!

I also discovered someone has uploaded the ENTIRE book 7 audio book read by Stephen Fry. I listened to a bit of it … it’s a completely different experience to hear it read rather than reading it myself. Most interestingly, it made me realise how many words i just glaze over and don’t take in! I guess i just blank out words that i don’t know … or i imagine they are a different word … or i make up a meaning for the word …? I’m not sure exactly, but i’ll just say it was interesting to hear Stephen Fry read the book.