28-minute run

I am on Week 8 of Couch-to-5K. Tonight’s run was 28 minutes … not a great challenge really, though i know i wouldn’t have wanted to do it a few weeks ago! At the end of the run i did a SUPER-fast sprint! I was on a slight downhill, and my legs and arms just started working entirely of their own accord, disconnected from my brain! I ran faster than i have ever ran in my entire life, just for 10 seconds or so. It felt very incredibly amazing! I was like a well-oiled machine, working in perfect synchronisation! My legs suddenly felt really extremely long … i must have actually been approaching the speed of light and my perspective became distorted!!

I am wondering what to do at the end of next week when ct5k is over. I think i need a new challenge otherwise i will just return straight back to the couch! I am considering fartleks (yeah, haha, i said the funny word!) … they look like they can be quite fun, and tonight’s sprint experience has really encouraged me that i could enjoy it!


2 comments on “28-minute run

  1. Thank you Nye! Your enthusiasm for ct5k is what keeps inspiring me! :)

    Your html worked perfectly! :) I am looking for something higher intensity because i see little point in running further and further and taking more time to do it … unless i am training for a long distance race or something. I want to keep with the half-an-hour-three-times-a-week thing because that works for me quite nicely.

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