Computer woes

My precious computer (that i built myself) stopped working yesterday. It was fine in the morning, but when we came home in the evening it just wouldn’t turn on. Boohoo. We had a few power blips the previous night so i wonder if there was another one that blew the power supply. Tonight i have taken it all apart, cleaned it up, plugged it all back together again … still no luck. I guess i’m going to have to buy a new power supply unit.

I am currently on the ‘spare’ laptop … on Windows 2000. I think i’ll probably have to fix it up with a dual boot when my partner’s not looking! ;)

It is a shame not to have my computer, because i had done a lot of work on MyChores and i hope i don’t lose it. Hopefully i can get it back up and running again very soon.

Today i was looking around for an alternative source of music to listen to when at work, with Pandora being switched off for the UK tomorrow (i will miss it a lot). I discovered which is kind of like youtube for audio. You can find particular music, or you can listen to someone else’s playlists (Can i say Mixtape 3.0 ??) or you can even search a genre and play a completely random selection of music. Which is nice.

Anyway, one thing (i can’t quite remember what) led to another … and before i knew it i was listening to Wizard Rock! I’ve heard of this genre but never listened to any of it before. It was actually quite nice … i like the obviously-home-made element of it, and the fact that it is all entirely inspired by Harry Potter! I listened to some tracks that took me right back to books 1 and 2 … it was quite an emotional discovery!

I also discovered someone has uploaded the ENTIRE book 7 audio book read by Stephen Fry. I listened to a bit of it … it’s a completely different experience to hear it read rather than reading it myself. Most interestingly, it made me realise how many words i just glaze over and don’t take in! I guess i just blank out words that i don’t know … or i imagine they are a different word … or i make up a meaning for the word …? I’m not sure exactly, but i’ll just say it was interesting to hear Stephen Fry read the book.


4 comments on “Computer woes

  1. Yeah, it’s weird when you first dip your toe in to this pool.

    What you have to remember is Sturgeon’s law. 90% of this is crap, but 90% of everything is crap. Head over to and check out HatP and DatM, They’re much better live. Then check out The Mudbloods and How Airplanes Fly. Then keep tabs on Wizrocklopedia and make your own assesments of the multitude of wrock bands.

  2. Brilliant, you’re a star! I heard a bit of Harry and the Potters yesterday, as well as Draco and the Malfoys for an excellent alternative point of view “Voldemort is Awesome” etc! ;)

    I’m particularly looking for some recent (post Book 7) music so i will have a look around at the sites you suggested! Thanks! :)

  3. Snap! My PSU just went kerputt too…

    I bet you didn’t know you were a trendsetter ;)

    (BTW, if you fill in your openID and an entry the entry gets lost, you might want to put a ‘Login’ button next to the openID box to make it clearer that filling it in isn’t going to allow you to post without clicking ‘Submit Comment’ first).

  4. Oh no. This is not a trend i was intending to set.

    Yeah, i think i need to look into this OpenID thing a bit more. It is supposed to log you in *and* post the comment, but i’ve often seen it not working. Maybe there is a better plugin available.

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