Little Power Supply Unit

Now it turns out the PSU to the computer is a smaller size than standard. Anyone know where i can get one this size?

PSU dimensions

It also needs to fulfil these requirements:

  • 400W
  • 24 pin
  • SATA power supply
  • PCI-express power

Fun fun fun …!!

And i don’t even know if it’s definitely the PSU that’s bust …!


9 comments on “Little Power Supply Unit

  1. Presumably there’s no part number on the PSU, otherwise you’d have tried that? And the case isn’t a major manufacturer?

    It looks familiar to me, but Google hasn’t refreshed my memory.

  2. Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. See that little sticker on it? It says 240407. That’s all we’ve got to go on and it’s not much. Google searches just turn up phone numbers! ;)

  3. Try again…

    It looks like a manufacturing date and ties up with the date you built the machine.

    It’s less than 6 months old, so the people you bought it from should replace it, or the case if they can’t replace just the PSU. I’d make it their problem rather than yours. The sale of goods act should help if they disagree.

    You could send it to them to test, though they’ll charge you if it’s not faulty.

    You could test it with a multimeter, if you have one. The PSU is a pain to switch on when not connected to a computer, but Google should point you to instructions.

    Or, if you can borrow a suitable PSU from somewhere, you could test the machine with that. There’s a risk you’ll damage that PSU if the fault is with the motherboard. But if you have an unbranded PSU and a well known brand of motherboard (??), the PSU is the most likely culprit.

    As an aside, have you tried a different mains lead – or checked the fuse. If you were having power problems it might have blown (but probably not).

  4. Hi Paul, i really appreciate your input, thanks. I have tried a different cable, and checked the plug socket. I do not have a multimeter, unfortunately. I have the option of borrowing Kevins PSU but that would involve unplugging all the cables inside Kevins computer which i am not confident enough to do.

    Yeah, the mainboard is ASUS, and the PSU is no-name, i believe. I am really hoping it is the PSU that’s causing the problems.

    Sorry about the lost comment. I am having problems with the OpenID plugin.

  5. I’d definitely point the finger at the PSU then. Returning it would probably be the best option. If you can’t for some reason and can’t find one that matches, which looks likely, you may have to replace the cases as well, I fear.

    When I clicked the Submit button, it looked like it did the login bit (I was logged in afterwards) but not the posting bit, and the comment had disappeared from the window. Never mind – it was a lot quicker to type the second time. ;-)

  6. Thanks. I am pretty sure we will have to get a new case. It’ll probably make things easier for the future anyway.

    I also don’t know why your comments are not being automatically approved. They should be once i have approved one comment from you. How odd.

  7. I keep looking at this PSU and not understanding it, which may make hard to replace… It seems to me that most PSUs have the fan and the pins for connecting the power lead facing in the same direction (so you need one square hole in the case for both. Paul hasn’t asked whether there is a brand name or some sort of identification/model number on the case itself (assuming that the PSU was designed specifically for that model of case and they are sold as one unit). This may seem unlikely, but make sure that there isn’t some sort of fuse or circuit-breaker visible on the PSU.

  8. Actually this has two fans: one inside the case, resting just sort of next-to/above the mainboard. The bit where the plug goes in is facing away from us in this picture.

    This photo might help explain it better.

    The exact same case (presumably with the same 450W PSU) is available on eBay so it must be possible to get the PSU on its own from somewhere. But I am having no luck sourcing it. I think i’ll be better off with a bigger case that can take a standard sized PSU.

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