Pingback war


What’s the point of a blog that copies random extracts of someone else’s blog and sends pingback/trackback to them?! There is no additional commentary; nothing to explain why they copied it … they claim to be a joke of the day but the extract they chose wasn’t even a joke! How bizarre.

Pingback right back atcha!


6 comments on “Pingback war

  1. Haha, I get those random trackbacks from automated blogs, too! What is the point of those blogs? I don’t know what criteria they use to agregate the stuff they post, but if you do a search with like there’s a lot of results that come from sites like that.

  2. (test successful – I’ve worked out what it is now – it doesn’t like it when the OpenID field is filled in and there is no OpenID by that name. But I don’t know how to stop FireFox filling in a fake OpenID for me – it seems to think my OpenID is “Jennifer”. Looks like I’ll just have to delete it every time… or else get a real OpenID at some point I suppose…)

    anyway back to the main subject:

    I haven’t been to look, but I suspect what you’ve got there is a “splog”:

  3. Hi Jennifer, thanks for the information. I think you’re right – it must be a splog. But it doesn’t look as if they are advertising anything. Very odd. Perhaps they’re just collecting traffic.

  4. Oh, yeah, there are Google Ads on there. I just had them blocked whilst i was looking at work. Thanks for the link. I’m reading what to do about it and wondering whether i really care that much. Should i care?

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