Temporary computer solution

I have got the spare laptop dual-booting into Mandriva, got it plugged into my nice monitor, and i have Firefox running. This will do for the time being until i can find a new PSU for the computer.

It is a shame though because i had done some great work on MyChores (besides the new logo & theme) which will now have to wait until i can get the computer working again. I suppose i could install Rails and all that faffamalarky on this laptop but really i am only seeing this as a temporary solution, and i hope it won’t be long until everything is back to normal.

I got a bonus from work today!! YIPPEE!! Some of that will be for fixing my computer, some will be paying back for the car that we hired over Christmas, i think my partner and i deserve a nice meal out … and a bit will go in our wedding fund. Marvellous.

Update: Bah, i am really appreciating the advantage of using GoogleDocs right now. So many things i wish i could access on my computer but i can’t … :(


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