Spam me all you like!

I sometimes enjoy checking the spam for comments that Akismet has cast aside for me. There is a kind of comment that takes such a predictable form it is almost like a Haiku. It goes:

{assurance of trust}..

The two dots on the second line are very important. There are always two dots on the second line. Here are some examples:

Hi this article is funny.
I will definitely read your blog..

Cool article.
I think you will comment our diary..

Great comment.
I know you’ll surf on my page..
Thank You

Amazing article.
I think you will comment my blog..

They all include links to something terribly mundane such as folding chairs, cat litter trays, or sunbeds. Despite their high level of confidence i have not yet surfed on their pages nor commented their blogs! As i say, they usually get trapped in the spam filter.

Does anyone else get these type of messages? Maybe i’ll start writing my blog in this format …

Great day.
I am sure i will sleep well tonight..
See Ya


I love weekends!

Thank goodness it is the weekend. I feel so tired, really taking it easy this weekend.

I got up at 7am to run. I was naughty though: i didn’t manage the full 28 minutes (although in my defence, i did at least 25 minutes, running all the way out to Winnall and back!). I came home for a quick shower and went out to see a friend in Southampton. That was really nice and we had a very good morning together.

This afternoon i think i will go out to the library Discovery Centre (i’m never going to learn to call it that!) and get a few more books to read. I’ll do a few chores no doubt, because i always do, but there’s not terribly much to be done this weekend.

I have ordered myself a new computer case with a standard-sized power supply unit. Whilst i was there i ordered a graphics card as well so i should be able to get those neat semi-transparent windows and do all sorts of marvellous effects with rotating virtual desktops! Plus i’ll be able to go on Second Life, should the desire ever take me!

Case with PSU Graphics card

I am hoping that the order will come through by Wednesday and a colleague will come round to help me put the computer together again. I am looking forward to having it work again! :)