Spam me all you like!

I sometimes enjoy checking the spam for comments that Akismet has cast aside for me. There is a kind of comment that takes such a predictable form it is almost like a Haiku. It goes:

{assurance of trust}..

The two dots on the second line are very important. There are always two dots on the second line. Here are some examples:

Hi this article is funny.
I will definitely read your blog..

Cool article.
I think you will comment our diary..

Great comment.
I know you’ll surf on my page..
Thank You

Amazing article.
I think you will comment my blog..

They all include links to something terribly mundane such as folding chairs, cat litter trays, or sunbeds. Despite their high level of confidence i have not yet surfed on their pages nor commented their blogs! As i say, they usually get trapped in the spam filter.

Does anyone else get these type of messages? Maybe i’ll start writing my blog in this format …

Great day.
I am sure i will sleep well tonight..
See Ya


8 comments on “Spam me all you like!

  1. I don’t have a blog myself, so I haven’t had the privilege of Spam comments. But I did follow the link in a comment to one of your recent posts and found it very interesting (the one about so-called blogs with no original contents but thousands of posts a month).
    One of the bloggers I read regularly has had a similar type of comment (and I haven’t managed to get her to delete it. The pattern is “I am in a big rush”… “but here is the link you asked me about”… “I work from home and make good money typing” from a thing with a female name “and a Blogger profile which has been looked 12000 times since Dec 2007. Needless to say, I haven’t followed the link! No discussion in the cooment about the contents of the post, of course.
    I will now stop writing comments, and tidy my house :-)

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