Artificial Intelligence

Ohhh … we watched Artificial Intelligence on BBC Three last night. That is one of my favourite films of all, i have watched it several times and have it on video, but i had forgotten just how sad it is. It invariably has me snivelling and weeping by the end of it.

Interestingly, i watched it with my parents once and they didn’t like it, seeing the film from the mother’s perspective, they found it quite disturbing. I always see it from David’s perspective – the artificial intelligence cyborg who desperately wants to become “a real boy”. I find it heart-breaking. I think i understood the ending a little better last night than previous times i have watched the film.

After that we watched a bit of Creep, which i absolutely hate, but i watch it anyway just for the scenes of the underground! When i lived in London i developed quite a fascination for the underground, particularly disused stations and hidden areas. I have seen the end of the film before, so i watched until about half-way through until the part i have seen before, then i went to bed.

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3 comments on “Artificial Intelligence

  1. Second attempt, (this time I shall save my comment in Notepad, in case I lose it again).
    I have no knowledge of either of the films above, although I shall look out for the second. When I lived near Gloucester Road tube station, I used to enjoy looking out for the disused stations between there and Picadilly Circus (I think they are more hidden nowadays). I even have a copy of a book about it all “London’s Disused Underground Stations”. YYou should be able to find it at your local Discovery place.

  2. It worked on the second go! Because I have commented before, my nickname appeared in the OpenId field, but it failed the login (while I have a Blogger account, I don’t whether this is acceptable to OpenId, or how to enter it). When I hit send, my invalid login was rejected; I then tried “Back”, but the screen was refreshed with an empty comment. I know you are aware of problems in this area, but I thought I’d describe my problem in case it helped you solve it.

  3. Yeah, thanks. When my computer is working again i will have a go with a different OpenID plugin or else ask OpenID users to log in first before posting their comment.

    Thanks! I will try the Discovery Centre for that book! ;)

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