Yamaha NP30

My friend Becky has got me somewhat obsessed by this:

Yamaha NP30
Yamaha NP30

It is the most portable keyboard ever made, weighing only 12.7kg, it has 76 keys (six octaves) 10 multiple-sampled voices, graded touch, and best of all … it only costs £160!

By the sounds of this this demo it plays like a dream, but i must try it out first. We have found a place in Basingstoke that stocks it, so we’ll hopefully go for an afternoon next weekend … i can’t wait to get my fingers on this!!

I am currently learning to play Golliwogg’s Cakewalk by Debussy for a concert in a couple of weeks. It is good to have my keyboard out again, and i’m delighted to find that my fingers still work! But the keyboard i have at the moment is so bulky and heavy, such a faff to set up … i’d happily part-exchange it for something as gorgeous and as portable as this! :)

[Update] i just found the demo video on youtube, here it is:


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