CT5K – what next?

The time has come when i must decide what, if anything, i am going to do after Couch-to-5K.

To be quite honest, i am now bored of running around Winchester. I did 30 minutes tonight and it wasn’t particularly difficult; it was just dull. The question now is not whether i can do it – it’s whether i can be bothered to keep doing it!

One thing is for sure: i’m not going to keep increasing distances. There’s only so far i can go round here before i run out of street lights or have to cross a dangerously busy road. Keeping to the same old roads has become monotonous. I might try with a shorter distance and aim to increase my speed. I might also go for a long run on Saturdays – like 6 miles or something, going right out into the country with some nice music on my ipod, or a MuggleCast, or something like that. I’d probably enjoy that.

There is absolutely no doubt the running has done me a tremendous amount of good! I feel very much fitter, my muscles have toned up just beautifully, my sleepwalking has been cured (as far as i know!) and i have had very few nightmares since beginning the programme.

Any thoughts what i should do next? I really need a plan otherwise i am just going to end up doing nothing!!

*sniff sniff* Mmmm i can smell something delicious! I wonder what my sweetheart is making for dinner! :D


5 comments on “CT5K – what next?

  1. are you willing to look at other forms of exercise?
    running pushes one set of muscles, swimming a different set and cycling a third – hence triathlons.

    perhaps switching to cycling – if your ok with cycling in traffic get yourself a road bike a good person to ask on that is foibey. The other option considering your in Winchester and you have wonderful walking country everywhere is off road thus a trail/cross country bike. If you want to keep your options open get either a hybrid bike with tyres that set up for reasonable rolling resistance for in town use but have mud pluggers for off road.

    I don’t know how you train but if you decide to go swimming here is a actually conversation I had followed by a great piece of advice I heard about swimming.

    I mentioned to someone about how i was thinking about swimming regularly. they said that the best way to do this was to set yourself a distance and then every few weeks increase the distance. I then asked them if they were still swimming and they said no! I asked why and they said life etc I then asked them did they enjoy swimming their lengths and they said no but it was what they had to do to get fit. I then asked them what they did to keep fit instead and they said nothing.

    the advice i received about swimming, and it may be relevant else where is to time you swimming. To not care how far you swam – merely for how long. start at 5 minutes and work up, swim sow, swim fast who cares. Also enjoy the swimming if you just want to splash around the deep end, as long as you are still swimming thats fine too.

    the key point is that if you don’t enjoy doing the exercise you will inevitable stop, and one of the best ways to enjoy yourself is to play and have fun!

    my 2 cents from the couch!

  2. Thank you very much for your input. You have hit the proverbial nail on the head: it’s no point continuing unless i enjoy it. Simply increasing the distance is dull, and you are right: i would give up. In which case i may as well quit now whilst i at least feel good about myself, rather than drag it out indefinitely until i can’t be bothered anymore.

    Unfortunately i can’t swim and i don’t like cycling. To be quite honest, i don’t like any form of exercise, haha! But i have enjoyed my running so far, and i think i would continue to enjoy it, just not running so far at a time.

    Sometimes we have to do things that we don’t like for benefits that we do. I just have to find a balance: what am i prepared to do that is worth the benefits it gives me?

  3. so what do you enjoy?
    can you change the running into some other format that you might enjoy
    for example team sports?
    would you enjoy joining a football kick about, or netball, or tennis, or squash – all of them involve running and build on your existing base of fitness?

  4. one other thought have you tried running on a running machine in gym – ok its not the same, but you can vary the incline and you can do it in a context where you could for example listen to a book/music whilst running and not have to worry about traffic etc. I have a friend (in reading) you may know who uses a stair machine in concert with book stand. He spends time climbing whilst reading a book. The exercise is repetitious but he’s doing it a context of doing something he enjoys, thus getting enjoyment out of somethineg he would avoid otherwise

  5. I do not like team sports at all, but the idea of climbing stairs whilst reading a book is a good one!

    I once saw a laptop that was powered by a cycling machine! So in order to use your laptop you had to ride the cycle machine! ;) That’s good motivation!!

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