Success all round!

I got my computer fixed last night! My wonderfully helpful work colleague came over to help me get it all wired up back together in the new case. It was absolutely the power supply that was broken. We plugged it into the new case and it just worked straight away. Hooray! The new PSU is way quieter as well, which is an added bonus. Here is the new equipment:

New computer case

We also installed the graphics card and got it working with minimum of fuss, meaning that i was able to go on Second Life last night for the first time ever! Haha that was a fun experience! :)

New graphics card

I should also be able to install Beryl for all sorts of wonderful desktop effects like this!

I also treated myself to a new mobile phone today. It was kind of a whim, but i am really pleased with it. It has a camera, video camera, radio and plays mp3s. It came with a 1GB micro-SD card with an adapter to SD. I also got 800 free text messages for the next four months which means i won’t need to top up until at least June!

Nokia 5200

Beautiful! :D

Plus things are going great at work! I have spent two days coding and loved it! I’m unfortunately not going on the C# course until March, but i have made a start anyway, just picking up what i can. It is the first time in ages that i have been truly enjoying my job!

Sooo … good news all round! I am so happy to have my computer back! :)