Continuing the Windows vs Linux debate

Pro-Microsoft colleague: My computer’s crashed!
Me: So has mine.
Pro-Microsoft colleague: How come?!
Me: Because it’s Windows.

What more needs to be said?!

I found some wonderful Windows errors. Haha! My favourite is “An error occured while displaying the previous error”. Heheh! :)

I am on teh intarwebs!!

I made a video of the Linux software i use, in response to a colleague who claimed that Linux is difficult to use. I prove that i have everything i need – and more – it’s easy to use, and i haven’t had to pay a penny for any of it!

The video also shows some of the visual effects that i can get with my gorgeous new graphics card!!

If you want to help spread Linux and fly the flag for free software, please use this link:

or this embed:

[Update] my colleague watched it and said it was a “good video”. I am waiting for a video response because my colleague is still very much a Microsoft supporter!