Continuing the Windows vs Linux debate

Pro-Microsoft colleague: My computer’s crashed!
Me: So has mine.
Pro-Microsoft colleague: How come?!
Me: Because it’s Windows.

What more needs to be said?!

I found some wonderful Windows errors. Haha! My favourite is “An error occured while displaying the previous error”. Heheh! :)


10 comments on “Continuing the Windows vs Linux debate

  1. This is a tad unfair. You can quite easily spend hours troubleshooting Linux because it’s gotten upset with a device driver. If Linux was as widely deployed as Windows I’m sure we would find more issues with it. The fact that technical people tend to install Linux and it is associated with a sort of ‘culture’ probably contributes to the view that it is more stable than Windows.

    I have Ubuntu installed on a VMWare server but would never replace my Vista Ultimate operating system.

  2. LOL! Yes of course it’s unfair!

    See that tag that says ‘amusing’ … that should give you a clue that i was having a joke! ;)

  3. When you speak of Windows, do you mean the OS you have after a fresh install or the one you have after you’ve added the necessary auxiliary applications that keep it from becoming festering stew of malware?

    I’m sorry. It just doesn’t make sense. Is it normal to call Windows a complete operating system if it can’t be run without adding/purchasing/stealing other software? If people don’t mind spending the time or money completing the job Microsoft should have finished, then okay, knock yourself out. As you may have guessed, I use Linux (and not Ubuntu either). I switched 3 years ago because Windows XP/XP pro was driving me nuts. If Windows was a better operating system than Linux, then I would be using it. Of course that’s just me. I know other people absolutely love Windows and would never switch. And I don’t think they ever should.

  4. Well, that’s true, very good points. Some people love Windows and that’s their choice. However, i may pity them if they are caught up in the whole “Microsoft is wonderful” delusion, because i know that any software that has to ship to deadlines is rarely wonderful.

    I also tend not to trust any company that hides things away and refuses to share. I stopped using Hotmail because i couldn’t synchronise it with Mozilla Mail. I stopped using iTunes because its format cannot be read by other mp3 players. I am really into sharing. Which is really why i made my video – for people who are unhappy with Windows, but nervous about switching to anything else. I wanted to show that it can be easy to switch.

    If XP drove you nuts you would hate Vista. About every other click you have to confirm that you really meant to click there. Quite often you have to enter an administrator password … over and over again! I know they are trying to tighten up on security but they’ve really gone overboard, causing most people to turn off the account protection altogether out of frustration!

  5. Thanks for the link. I’m glad you liked it..
    I am planning to switch to linux one day..
    Keep on your nice blog, Aimée.

  6. I just saw an incoming link in my wp admin panel..
    And yes maybe one day, I ‘ll need help with Linux, thanks.
    BTW, I noticed you haven’t got the right sidebar in each post.. Only on your homepage. It took me some time to find out (I used Kubrick as well) that you can call it by adding :

    just before :

    in your page template.

    You probably chose no to, but just in case.

  7. Oh nice one, thanks! I didn’t know i could get that on the entry pages! I will add that when i next upgrade! WordPress :)

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