I am on teh intarwebs!!

I made a video of the Linux software i use, in response to a colleague who claimed that Linux is difficult to use. I prove that i have everything i need – and more – it’s easy to use, and i haven’t had to pay a penny for any of it!

The video also shows some of the visual effects that i can get with my gorgeous new graphics card!!

If you want to help spread Linux and fly the flag for free software, please use this link:

or this embed:

[Update] my colleague watched it and said it was a “good video”. I am waiting for a video response because my colleague is still very much a Microsoft supporter!


2 comments on “I am on teh intarwebs!!

  1. That looks pretty cool!! Is that window stretchy/peely thing standard, or is that a feature you added yourself (Lovely British accent, too! Haha, I love accents…)

  2. No, they are not standard. The peel back, wobbly windows, cube of virtual desktops, and the quick switcher are all part of Beryl and are newly possible thanks to my lovely shiny graphics card!

    From a few things i’ve read, i get the impression that Ubuntu might come packaged with Beryl as standard.

    Thanks! I grew up in a little town in the south of England where everyone had a very posh accent! I seem to have slightly slipped back into that posh accent for this video!!

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