In just 2 days my Linux video has had more hits on youtube than my ‘other’ video has had in over a year!

My other video is of Winchester firework display 2006, taken on my mobile phone. Nowhere near as exciting as Linux! :)

PS. look at the front cover of Linux Format for February (click to enlarge)

Linux Format magazine

“Wean your friends off the Microsoft addiction” – i love that!

The debate raged on at work today about when open source software is more reliable, and whether people deserve to be paid for writing good quality software. The thing is, there is only one person at work who is pro-Microsoft. The rest use open source where they can, and only use Windows because they feel they have to. I am trying to change that opinion, one person at a time. There are quite a few at work who have expressed an interest in trying Linux after watching my video! :)

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