Half-Blood Prince poster

So apparently this is the new movie poster:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I really hope this is a fake! That is way too dull to be a Harry Potter poster! What a lame tagline: “I’m safe with you, Harry” – no way. That cannot seriously be the poster. Someone’s having a chuckle!

[Update] in fact, i can prove it is fake: they missed out the dash in Half-Blood.


Artificial Intelligence

Ohhh … we watched Artificial Intelligence on BBC Three last night. That is one of my favourite films of all, i have watched it several times and have it on video, but i had forgotten just how sad it is. It invariably has me snivelling and weeping by the end of it.

Interestingly, i watched it with my parents once and they didn’t like it, seeing the film from the mother’s perspective, they found it quite disturbing. I always see it from David’s perspective – the artificial intelligence cyborg who desperately wants to become “a real boy”. I find it heart-breaking. I think i understood the ending a little better last night than previous times i have watched the film.

After that we watched a bit of Creep, which i absolutely hate, but i watch it anyway just for the scenes of the underground! When i lived in London i developed quite a fascination for the underground, particularly disused stations and hidden areas. I have seen the end of the film before, so i watched until about half-way through until the part i have seen before, then i went to bed.

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Spam me all you like!

I sometimes enjoy checking the spam for comments that Akismet has cast aside for me. There is a kind of comment that takes such a predictable form it is almost like a Haiku. It goes:

{assurance of trust}..

The two dots on the second line are very important. There are always two dots on the second line. Here are some examples:

Hi this article is funny.
I will definitely read your blog..

Cool article.
I think you will comment our diary..

Great comment.
I know you’ll surf on my page..
Thank You

Amazing article.
I think you will comment my blog..

They all include links to something terribly mundane such as folding chairs, cat litter trays, or sunbeds. Despite their high level of confidence i have not yet surfed on their pages nor commented their blogs! As i say, they usually get trapped in the spam filter.

Does anyone else get these type of messages? Maybe i’ll start writing my blog in this format …

Great day.
I am sure i will sleep well tonight..
See Ya

I love weekends!

Thank goodness it is the weekend. I feel so tired, really taking it easy this weekend.

I got up at 7am to run. I was naughty though: i didn’t manage the full 28 minutes (although in my defence, i did at least 25 minutes, running all the way out to Winnall and back!). I came home for a quick shower and went out to see a friend in Southampton. That was really nice and we had a very good morning together.

This afternoon i think i will go out to the library Discovery Centre (i’m never going to learn to call it that!) and get a few more books to read. I’ll do a few chores no doubt, because i always do, but there’s not terribly much to be done this weekend.

I have ordered myself a new computer case with a standard-sized power supply unit. Whilst i was there i ordered a graphics card as well so i should be able to get those neat semi-transparent windows and do all sorts of marvellous effects with rotating virtual desktops! Plus i’ll be able to go on Second Life, should the desire ever take me!

Case with PSU Graphics card

I am hoping that the order will come through by Wednesday and a colleague will come round to help me put the computer together again. I am looking forward to having it work again! :)

Did you really need to shout?

I am sometimes astonished at just how rude people can be. Today i received an email asking not to receive MyChores emails:


This isn’t a new person; it was someone who has been a member of MyChores for quite a long time and i don’t recall receiving any complaints from this person before. Anyway, in moments like these i take great delight in being ultra-helpful to make up for it!

I have turned off your email notifications. Should you ever wish to put them back on again you can do so under Help Centre -> Email Preferences.

If you wish to be removed completely from MyChores you will find an option to delete your account also under Help Centre.

Thank you.

I could have said a lot worse in response to a CAPSLOCK command such as that!

Wrock on!!

I am continuing to enjoy the Wizard Rock music i have found! I discovered that i really like Ministry of Magic which, as a band, is much more dance oriented, and have a few funny covers of well-known songs.

My favourite would be Here In Your Car, a parody of Here In Your Arms, because it strokes the Harry/Ron slashy bunny in me! ;)

You are the one, the one who flies next to me
Whispers, “I’m scared!”
“Look out! It’s a willow tree!”
You’re my best friend, my best friend so suddenly,
That there’s no place else, I could be but here in your car

Haha, genius! :O There’s a great fan video for the song too! :D Although watching that video just reminds me how cringeworthy some parts of the movie were. Did they really need to have Harry fall out of the car, hanging on by one hand, and almost get crushed by the Hogwarts Express?! It’s like in the 3rd movie where Aunt Marge flies away and into the night! There is such a thing as over-kill.

Oh wow, i really loved Torchwood tonight! I am totally going to love this season! Say hey for the Glorified Bisexual Agenda!!! :D

Temporary computer solution

I have got the spare laptop dual-booting into Mandriva, got it plugged into my nice monitor, and i have Firefox running. This will do for the time being until i can find a new PSU for the computer.

It is a shame though because i had done some great work on MyChores (besides the new logo & theme) which will now have to wait until i can get the computer working again. I suppose i could install Rails and all that faffamalarky on this laptop but really i am only seeing this as a temporary solution, and i hope it won’t be long until everything is back to normal.

I got a bonus from work today!! YIPPEE!! Some of that will be for fixing my computer, some will be paying back for the car that we hired over Christmas, i think my partner and i deserve a nice meal out … and a bit will go in our wedding fund. Marvellous.

Update: Bah, i am really appreciating the advantage of using GoogleDocs right now. So many things i wish i could access on my computer but i can’t … :(

Little Power Supply Unit

Now it turns out the PSU to the computer is a smaller size than standard. Anyone know where i can get one this size?

PSU dimensions

It also needs to fulfil these requirements:

  • 400W
  • 24 pin
  • SATA power supply
  • PCI-express power

Fun fun fun …!!

And i don’t even know if it’s definitely the PSU that’s bust …!

28-minute run

I am on Week 8 of Couch-to-5K. Tonight’s run was 28 minutes … not a great challenge really, though i know i wouldn’t have wanted to do it a few weeks ago! At the end of the run i did a SUPER-fast sprint! I was on a slight downhill, and my legs and arms just started working entirely of their own accord, disconnected from my brain! I ran faster than i have ever ran in my entire life, just for 10 seconds or so. It felt very incredibly amazing! I was like a well-oiled machine, working in perfect synchronisation! My legs suddenly felt really extremely long … i must have actually been approaching the speed of light and my perspective became distorted!!

I am wondering what to do at the end of next week when ct5k is over. I think i need a new challenge otherwise i will just return straight back to the couch! I am considering fartleks (yeah, haha, i said the funny word!) … they look like they can be quite fun, and tonight’s sprint experience has really encouraged me that i could enjoy it!