Happy 29th February!

Writing a post simply to celebrate the 29th February! I have a friend who is about a week overdue to have a baby. I think it would be great if the baby comes today … but my friend does not agree!

A colleague just said it’s unfair that we have to work on the 29th February. Another said we have slacked off a quarter day for the last 3 years so now we have to make up for it. I said i like Februarys because we get paid more per day – even when it is a leap year.

In other news, we have been having some banana peeling experiments. I am a new convert to the monkey method – hold it by the stalk, pinch at the blunt end and peel down to the stalk. It seems to work quite well. We have banana o’clock every day sometime between 3pm – 4pm. Yesterday there were 6 people all eating bananas together … all but one of them using the monkey method of peeling! :)

Working on my willpower

My manager has today brought in a huge box of Terry’s All Gold and placed it right next to me! ARRRGGHH!!! This is a huge test of my chocolate resisting for Lent.

To encourage myself i have made a ticker that shows that i have been without chocolate for 22 days! :)

I am mostly tracking my progress on 43things. At somebody’s suggestion, i am going for 43 days rather than the traditional 40 days of Lent. This should avoid a dangerous chocolate overdose on Easter Day! :)

Youtube catches up! :)

Further to my previous post, there is now a video of The Choir singing Stand By Me on youtube.

Okay, there are plenty of criticisms you can make, particularly with speed, timing, and volume contrast. I could go on. But if you saw the whole program you would know how far they have come, and the myriad of difficulties that were overcome. It really is very impressive.

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The Choir

Funny TV for a Friday night, but oddly un-tear-away-from-able … The Choir, “Boys Don’t Sing” where Gareth Malone takes Lancaster School in Leicester and forms a choir out of nothing and takes them to perform at the Royal Albert Hall. I watched both episodes, and i was completely in tears by the end of it last night! It is so inspiring … incredibly admirable what Gareth and the kids and staff managed to do!

The buzz at the Royal Albert Hall felt so tangible, and i felt Gareth’s pride at the end of it. Okay, the first song was horribly out of tune, but the second was brilliant, and i loved how Gareth brought together the varying skills of so many different people. (I thought the headmaster could have been a bit more encouraging though!)

Does anyone know where i can get the video for the final performance? My usual friend Youtube has come up short so far.

Back on track with MyChores

Oh, i am pleased. I woke up this morning and just fancied having a crack at MyChores again. I was dreading coming back to two half-finished tasks from when my computer broke. When i got the computer fixed i had a new graphics card to play with and Second Life distracted me somewhat!! So MyChores development went on hold. Fortunately i was able to get back into it again without as much difficulty as i feared, and today i have enabled the US date format and the new logo and theme!

So if you fancy having a look, please let me know what you think!

MyChores.co.uk helps you track household chores and other recurring tasks!

Hypnosis update

Well the hypnosis didn’t seem to take very long … it seemed to end a bit abruptly. I’m not sure whether i completely let myself go but i did feel very relaxed and full of gratitude. I spoke the affirmations out loud, very slowly, after the hypnosis had ended. I noticed a heightened sense of hearing.

I wonder if i can get any other free hypnosis sessions online to try out.


I am home alone tonight; my partner is out bowling or doing something equally as exciting! :) I have had a productive evening: phoned a few people, done some chores, had a tin of ratatouille for dinner (which i got specially for home-alone nights, knowing how bad i am at cooking for myself!).

The other night we watched a programme which included someone being hypnotised to not want to eat so much food. It was very interesting to watch, and remarkable to see the difference it made in this person’s whole approach to food. I have been doing some research and decided i want to experience hypnosis. I’ve found an online hypnosis session which i am going to try in a moment. No idea what it’s going to be like or even whether it will work, but i hope it does and is beneficial to me.

I don’t think there’s anything bad about hypnosis: from what i’ve read it is a state of relaxation whilst also being very alert … hyper concentrating, i suppose. We all go into this state quite often, apparently. I’m curious to see what it feels like when deliberately guided into it. If i like it, i’ll try taking myself into hypnosis for the benefits that it can provide.

If i have the chance to give myself some positive affirmations during the hypnosis, they will be these:

  • I am a confident and successful person.
  • People like me, respect me and appreciate me.
  • I am attractive and can be proud about my appearance.
  • I am happy, fit and healthy.
  • I am kind, thoughtful, honest and caring.

These are traits that i would like to see more of in my life, or be more aware of them. I have prepared them in advance so that i might be able to refer to them during my hypnosis. If i don’t get the chance, it was still useful to write them down anyway! :)


There are estimated to be 1022 stars in the entire universe. That’s ten thousand billion billion. That number of grains of sand would cover the entire United Kingdom to a depth of several centimetres. Yet a single cube of sugar contains more atoms than stars in the universe!

Science is fascinating! :)

I read it this morning in Antimatter: The Ultimate Mirror by Gordon Fraser.

Fancy that!

Someone is WRONG on the Internet

Haha, yeah i’ve been there before … try to avoid it as much as possible these days. Drama is just not my style anymore! ;)


I am now an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church! I received my confirmation email this morning.

I did this because i agree with the values of the church – the acceptance and respect of all religions, not putting any religion above any other, treating everyone as special. I like their one simple doctrine: “To do that which is right”. I want to help spread love and light in the world. To live and help live.

More information about the Universal Life Church on Wikipedia.

I’m not quite sure what to tell my father, who studied hard for 4 years to become a minister in the United Reformed Church … and all i had to do was fill out a form on a website and wait a week!