Brrrr … too cold.

Today is a very cold day and i am not feeling very well. I am sitting here clutching a cup of hot Rooibos, trying to warm up. I guess i could do some chores – that would warm me up – haha! I’m not really in the mood, but i ought to do some. Last weekend i got completely swallowed up into Second Life and hardly did any chores at all!

This morning i went to meet a friend that i used to know from doing German lessons in Winchester. It was a nice meetup. Tomorrow i may hopefully be going to Eastleigh to meet with a friend, but it is not confirmed yet. Also, depending on how i am feeling tomorrow it may be wiser not to go.

Gah, my Rooibos has all gone. That went down quickly! It soothed my throat a bit.


6 comments on “Brrrr … too cold.

  1. Aww, sorry you’re feeling grot.

    I was hoping to get the time to see you today, but i wasn’t really sure what the timings would be like (which is why i didn’t text you back)

    but…it turned into a bit of a hideous family-fest.

    Am now seriously considering chewing own leg off in boredom/frustration.


  2. Oh, i am sorry about that sweetie. I was hoping to see you too, but then with the way i’ve been feeling today, it’s probably best i didn’t. I am very sniffly.

    Thinking of you xx

  3. Ok so… I’m not even joking with this. I’m being *encouraged* to write slash for a school assignment. I’m taking a class called “The Stories We Tell” and we got an assignment to write about our childhood hero. Of course I’m going to write about Harry Potter and my teacher knows I’m a Harry Potter fanboy. I really want to know what kind of crack she was on when she gave out this assignment.

    B/c obv. Harry had the hots for Draco. JKR just never wrote it.

  4. What do you mean JKR never wrote it? Who followed Draco Malfoy around in every spare moment of Half-Blood Price? Who saved Draco’s life *twice* at the end of Deathly Hallows?! It wasn’t written explicitly because it didn’t need to be! ;) Guess what other gay relationship was there but not written about explicitly! :)

  5. Haha … well … i don’t know, i don’t read much Harry/Draco slash but i can totally believe that there may have been an unrequited crush going on.

    I hope you enjoy writing your slash story!! :D

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