My poor hamster

My little Suzie hamster is sick. We’ve noticed for about a week that Suzie hasn’t been eating as much, and hasn’t seemed as lively. Now all of a sudden Suzie has a sticky eye, feels really thin, looks a bit dirty … it breaks my heart. My partner is going to make an appointment to see a vet today. You could say it’s “just a hamster” but i feel like there is a little soul in there and i hate to think that Suzie is suffering. I do hope we can get some medicine or something and restore Suzie to full health.

Suzie getting inquisitive
Suzie as a baby, one year ago.


5 comments on “My poor hamster

  1. Hi

    I was just googling hamsters and I came across your page. I have a little hamster just like Suzie called Chuckles. I just wanted to reassure you. My wee Chuckles had the same symptoms as Suzie at the same age. I was in tears on the phone to my dad asking what I should do. Anyway, I took him (he’s a she but we call her a he – very confusing for the poor wee mite) to the vet and he had wet tail and an eye infection. He was in such a state, eyes all puffed up and so skinny. But we got some eye cream which we had to apply with a cotton bud and anti biotics to put in his water. We cleaned out the cage every day and used kitchen paper instead of saw dust until it cleared up. He was much better after a couple of days and fully better withing a couple of weeks. I made sure I spoke to him every day and hand fed the odd grape.

    I really hope Suzie gets better quickly.


  2. Oh, thank you, i am really encouraged by your response. I have just made an appointment with the vet, so i’m sure we will get Suzie back to full health very soon.

    Heheh, is your name Suzie as well? :)

  3. Aww, I’m so sorry to hear about your little baby! Believe me, I know all about sick pets. I’ll be thinking of her!

  4. Thanks all for your support.

    The pet shop advised us to clean Suzie up as best we can and see the vet, which we will do tomorrow.

    I really am grateful for the support, guys. Thank you.

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