Suzie news

The good news is, Suzie doesn’t look any *worse* today than yesterday. In fact, Suzie seems to be running around a bit more and looking generally a little bit happier than last night.

I disinfected the smaller cage and we have put Suzie in there for the time being … Rotastak is fun, but not when you’re poorly and too weak to crawl through the tunnels to get to food and water. At somebody’s suggestion, i have also put kitchen towel instead of sawdust – it’s easier for Suzie to walk on.

Here is Suzie happily devouring the kitchen towel – it’ll make good extra bedding!

Sick Suzie

The eye looks worse than it really is, because we washed it. I boiled some water, added a pinch of salt, let it cool, and then we used cotton buds. Suzie didn’t like us doing it, but i think it’s good that we did. We also cleaned up Suzie’s bottom, which is looking a bit dirty. We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow evening, so i’m sure they’ll be able to clean Suzie up properly.

Here you can see how painful Suzie’s eye is … it breaks my heart, my poor baby:

Sick Suzie

My journal is likely to become preoccupied with talk of Suzie for the next few days, whilst that’ll be all i can think of talking about. But just to prove that i haven’t got a completely single-track mind, here is a nice picture of some daffodils i took at the weekend:

Daffodils in February!

Yup, Spring is here! Winchester is full of daffodils and snowdrops! There’s global warming for us!


2 comments on “Suzie news

  1. Thank you :) xx

    We’ll be seeing the vet at 6pm tonight, and i am confident that Suzie will make a full recovery soon.

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