I have given up chocolate for Lent. I’ve tried it before and not succeeded, but i am determined to give it a good go this year.

Last year i just gave up milk chocolate and only ate dark chocolate instead. That was a great success, and i actually went off milk chocolate altogether! For the rest of the year i continued to eat mainly dark chocolate.

I am seriously addicted to chocolate – i have had two cravings already today! Luckily we get free fruit provided at work, so i will make myself eat fruit instead whenever i get the cravings. I can beat this – day by day, craving by craving! It’s a really big deal for me, so i will not be giving up anything else in addition.

There are two conditions under which i will break my goal to eat no chocolate during Lent:

1) if i get dreadfully moody and irritable, when a square of dark chocolate would fix everything!
2) if i end up stuffing myself with crisps, sweets or other junk food in replacement. Hopefully the fruit plan will ensure this does not happen!

We are taking Suzie to the vet tonight … i hope everything goes well and we soon get Suzie nursed back to full health and happiness.

We are also (hopefully) picking up a bookcase that my partner has found on Freecycle! We are much in need of another bookcase, and it sounds as if it’s a really nice one. Fingers crossed that we get it! :)


2 comments on “Lent

  1. Good luck on your fasting!

    I myself am giving up potato chips / snacks for Lent. And no meat on Fridays… But since today is Sunday, I am allowed a break :-) yet I’m not going to finish a whole bag of chips… Oops those are called crisps in Britain, forgot again.

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