Thank you so much to all the kind people who have been giving their warm wishes for Suzie’s health. It really means such a lot to me.

We took Suzie to the vet today … good news is it’s not wet tail. But the bad news is, it’s a urinary tract infection, with the sticky eye as a side effect. Still, we have some anti biotics and instructions to clean Suzie’s eye and bottom once a day with warm water and cotton wool. This is good because it is what we did last night anyway. Suzie was very good tonight and ate up the milk drops without seeming to notice that they were spiked with anti biotics!

Getting better

Getting better

In other news, we got a bookcase today! Free off Freecycle, from someone else in Winchester who no longer wanted it! Amazing!! I have wanted one like this for ages … good thing my partner was on the email and ready to reply straight away today … things like this don’t come up very often!

New bookcase

Now we are happily filling it up with all sorts of stuff! :)


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