Hey hey it's Caturday!!

And what a beautiful day it is! My favourite season is here and it is making me very happy!! :D It’s the kind of day i want to throw the doors and windows wide open and let the sunshine stream in! If only the neighbours weren’t smoking on the balcony below …!

This afternoon i am playing a piano solo in a concert at my cousin’s school. I will be playing Debussy’s Golliwog’s Cakewalk (though not nearly as fast as this!) My cousin, whom i teach piano, will also be playing a few pieces. I am looking forward to it, sure i will feel very proud! :)

I am about to go into town and look for a pair of ankle-heigh black boots. I am doing the unheard-of and wearing a skirt for the concert! The main reason i don’t wear skirts or dresses is because i generally don’t have the right shoes to go with them. Unfortunately there are no cheap shoe shops in Winchester that i know of … but maybe that’s a good thing because it will stop me from getting any poor quality boots. I think Clarks are having a sale; i’ll try there. I’m also going to get my eyebrows threaded, so a nice little morning of vanity for me! :D I am even going to wear earrings! I kind of want my ears pierced again, but i refuse to pay £20 for 2 minutes work … so i found some magnetic stud earrings which look just as good for £2! :) I think it is Second Life has got me interested in clothes and jewellery again!

Suzie was looking worse than ever last night … eyes completely shut and wouldn’t open … but they opened up later on after we’d had a wash. Suzie has caught onto the trick with the milk drops covered in antibiotics, and now refuses to eat them! Bah! I had to get the syringe and squirt the medicine straight into Suzie’s mouth last night! This morning i have just seen Suzie up and about pigging out on food, which is a good sign.

I hope everyone is having as gorgeous weather as we are here today! :D Have a lovely Caturday!


5 comments on “Hey hey it's Caturday!!

  1. Thanks it went well! The whole concert was lovely. Oh you play piano as well? It’s nice to know that other people play the same music as me.

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